Vanity Service FAQ

Who owns my work when I purchase vanity services from Rebellion LIT?

You do! We don’t own anything or have any rights to your book. We even state in our contract that book, story, and royalty rights all belong to you. We are bound to privacy, non-disclosure, and total secrecy.

Will I earn royalties from Rebellion LIT if I contract them for services?

No. You will earn royalties from the bookstore you place your book in. Rebellion LIT will not split royalties with you in any way. We don’t see a dime of your book sales. We earn money by performing services for you. This money is paid upfront.

Since they did put my whole book together, is Rebellion LIT my publisher?

This is a complicated question. Please read the answer here. If you still have questions about this, please email us at

Does Rebellion offer any guarantees on book sales?

Unfortunately, Rebellion LIT cannot guarantee that you will sell any books. We wish!! We are all going to do our best to format the book to perfection, make a gorgeous cover, develop a dynamic marketing plan, and give you the tools to execute said plan in a way that will make your book like catnip to readers!

But we cannot guarantee that anyone will buy it.

It’s been six months since my book was released and something has gone wrong, can I reach out to Rebellion for help?

Please do! We guarantee our service for a year and if something isn’t quite right, we can help.

What does Rebellion guarantee?

We guarantee open and active communication. We guarantee that our work will be high quality, timely and made to your specifications. We guarantee that we will help you as much as we can. We guarantee our work for one year from the start of services.

Wait, your guarantee only lasts a year from the start of services?

Yes. Our guarantee on that contract, for that project only lasts a year from the day we start the service.

The independent publishing process is not the same as drafting. You could write a book for years and years, but once you’re ready to publish, it could be done in as quick as a month, depending on the services you need. Additionally, if we do it right, which we guarantee we can, there is usually no need to work on a book after it’s released.

But what if I need something, anything, after the year is up?

Even if it’s related to the old project, you would need to pay for services again. For instance, If you need us to add a new cover to your EPUB from a project we worked on a year ago and updated paperback covers so you can upload them again, you would need to pay a simple fee for re-formatting. And so on.

If it is less expensive to contract for a new package deal, we can do that as well. But after a year, new services must be contracted, even if they are for an old book.

Who owns my cover design?

You! But we will keep a copy on file to ensure that you can always have it should something go wrong.

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