Is Rebellion your publisher?

Rebellion Lit can become your publisher under the following circumstances:

  1. You sign an indie publishing contract in which you receive royalties for your book sales.
  2. You are contracted for publishing rights on your short story or other item featured in a Rebellion LIT anthology.
  3. You use vanity services that include an ISBN purchase. If Rebellion LIT purchases your ISBN as part of a vanity package, we will be listed as the publisher due to the registration process. If you purchase, or own, your own ISBN, we will not be listed as the publisher.

Rebellion LIT being listed as your publisher, does not automatically create a royalties situation. In order to receive royalties from Rebellion LIT, you must sign a contract that assigns royalties. Vanity service contracts state that 0 (zero) royalties are assigned to the “publisher” (Rebellion LIT).

How can you be the publisher and not receive royalties?

Part of our process as a vanity service provider is that we assist you in uploading the book to your KDP or Smashwords or IngramSpark account in YOUR NAME.

You will be uploading as an independent author, basically, but with the ISBN assignment, we will be listed as the publisher due to the registration process. When you set up your book store account, you will input your own banking information in order to receive royalties directly to you. Money from book sales will never come to us. This is why fees are charged upfront for services.

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