Authors of “The Start”

Published in 2023, “The Start” is the first Rebellion Lit Anthology! We are so proud to have worked with the following authors (In ABC order):

Bryson Richard

Bryson Richard is from the Black Swamp region of Ohio. He writes short stories but have been plucking away at some longer pieces. Some of his stories have appeared in “What One Wouldn’t Do”, an anthology edited by Scott J. Moses, “Mother: Tales of Love and Terror” from Weird Little Worlds, and “Step into the Light” an anthology from Bag of Bones Press. 


Ichabod Ebenezer

Ichabod Ebenezer is the genre-promiscuous author of ‘A Shadow Stained in Blood’ and the horror short story collection, ‘Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares.’ He lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest with his family, a chameleon, and the ghosts of three cats. He is currently pitching a Dark Fantasy novel.

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Joseph S. Samaniego

Joseph S. Samaniego is a fantasy writer who started off as a fan of the fantasy genre and decided to begin telling his own tales. He has been publishing his stories since 2016 and have published ten books thus far. In 2020, Joseph started his own publishing company, Mage’s Moon Publishing, in an effort to build on his own writing and to hopefully be able to help others in the near future. His goal is to one day become a full time writer and publisher. 

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Kelly Piner

Kelly Piner’s love for the macabre and dark fiction began in childhood after she read her first Poe story. Since that time, she has immersed herself in Lovecraft, Richard Matheson, Ambrose Bierce and Rod Serling. Kelly’s favorite ghost story is by Mark Twain. At age nine, she began writing short horror stories for friends. Kelly’s stories typically fall within the dark fiction/weird genre. 


Lexie Carver

Lexie’s love of horror started early with the TV show Goosebumps and only grew from there. A strong voice for women in horror, Lexie has appeared at several conventions. She spoke in nine panels about women in horror and horror in general, even moderating one at RavenCon in 2019. She wrote fan-fiction to build her audience and reviews horror movies on weekdays on Twitter. Her two debut books, one of short stories, A Fine Day for Murder, and her poetry collection, Into the Dark, were published on Halloween.


L.N. Hunter

L.N. Hunter’s comic fantasy novel, The Feather and the Lamp, sits alongside works in anthologies such as Soulmate Syndrome and Hidden Villains: Arise as well as Short Édition’s Short Circuit and the Horrifying Tales of Wonder podcast. There have also been papers in the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, which are probably somewhat less relevant and definitely less fun. When not writing, L.N. unwinds in a disorganised home in rural Cambridgeshire, UK, along with two cats and a soulmate.

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M. Blankenship

M. Blankenship has been writing since childhood but recently began to pursue the possibility of self-publishing or traditionally publishing her work. She wanted to connect to people and bring them closer by using characters they can relate to. The journey has been difficult, but she wouldn’t change it. The people she has met and their advice to help her grow has been priceless throughout the years.


N.V. Delvin

N.V. Devlin writes speculative fiction and psychological horror to better make sense of the world. N.V. was the 1st Runner-Up for Indecent Magazine’s 2022 Queer Quivers Contest and has had or will soon have work in the Creepy Podcast and Rebellion Lit’s The Start anthology. Some favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Joyce Carol Oates, Shirley Jackson, and Neil Gaiman, and N.V. aspires to someday write even a fraction as well as them. Find N.V. on Instagram (@nvdevlin) for more. 


Rae Lucero

Rae Lucero has always loved storytelling in all mediums, be it TV, movies, books, video games, etc. She believes that storytelling helps connect people to each other and that through stories everyone can experience different perspectives and learn more about their fellow humans. She began writing as a young teen in her free time and has recently begun to pursue writing more seriously. This is her first published short story but definitely not the last.


Rebecca Cuthbert

Rebecca Cuthbert writes speculative, slipstream, and dark fiction and poetry. Her debut poetry collection, In Memory of Exoskeletons, will be out in early 2023 from Alien Buddha Press, and her poem “No Rest Nor Relief For You With Me Dead” will be part of Shakespeare Unleashed (Monstrous Books and Crystal Lake Publishing). For publications and more, visit

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Ria Hill

Ria Hill is a writer, librarian, and definitely not a serial killer living in NYC. When not creating unusual characters and strange situations, they can typically be found at the library, slinging James Patterson books. They love reading, knitting, playing the ukulele (badly), and spending time with their spouse. Someday, when the plague is at an end, they will sing karaoke again. Find them online at and on Twitter @RiaWritten.

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Warren Benedetto

Warren Benedetto holds a Master’s in TV/Film Writing from USC. His early writing experience started in screenplays and TV scripts. After a 13-year hiatus, he picked up writing again in late 2019 and started writing short fiction. Since 2020, Warren’s works have been accepted in about 150 publications. He writes dark fiction, mostly horror and sci-fi, or some combination thereof.

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