Why #FirstResponderFairytales?

Our team decided to pick up Elevated Inferno because this story needs to be told more than ever. African-American stories of love are so important. Showing African-Americans in diverse careers is so important. Showing Women of Color in STEM is so important and we have all that in one novel. How could we say no?

Elevated Inferno introduces relatable characters who grow and learn, overcome obstacles and become better despite strong opposition. The whole cast is full of beautiful examples of men and women from Black communities who exist despite their lack of media attention in our real world. A fireman who takes pride in his work and doesn't need admiration to feel accomplished. A young woman with a goal for her education that revolves around helping others. Complete families with moms, dads and siblings who do their best to love one another.

On the flip side, the realness of our struggles is represented, not to dissolve our integrity, but to show that the characters in the book are human. Rhys leaves college to pursuit his career, despite his parents’ wishes. Monet has issues finding balance in her life. Professors are overbearing. Sisters fight. There is even the very real threat of ex-girlfriend drama that I think we can all relate to at some point in our lives.

The other aspect that drew us to this story was the way the author wove in that every present monkey on all of our backs: Social Media. The idea of how we interact with people we don’t really know, and how those interactions effect our lives is really front and center in this story. All this, combined with the sweet romance that evolves in this story made it a perfect selection for Rebellion LIT.


We are planning to bring at least two more stories in this series because we know you will love Monet, Rhys and all the other characters in their universe. Stay tuned for more from Carlotta Ardell and Rebellion LIT.

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