Cover Reveal - Kisses In The Dark

We are so happy to introduce our latest release, a poetry collection by Marlowe Westley Pulliam! 

Book Blurb

Kisses in the Dark is a poetry collection that creates a connectedness with spirit, nature and sensuality. Pulliam writes about the feelings humans receive through our connection with the world. His ability to see and understand spirituality makes these words flow around the reader like a gentle stream.

These sixty-seven poems will ignite the reader in more ways than one. Exploring the depths of emotion in love, developing a link to Mother Earth, and experiencing sexuality all come through in this book. You are sure to find words that move you inside.

And here's the cover!

Title: Kisses in the Dark
Author: Marlowe Westley Pulliam
Published: October 1st, 2021 - Pre-Order Now
Genre: Poetry, Erotic

About the Author

Born in St. Louis MO, raised in Oakland CA, I began writing letters for men who couldn’t read or write while incarcerated. I also studied poetry during this time.

The poetry was for me. I love making words come to life, like a great story. I love to write about real life issues, and I use a variety of stories, happy ones, sad ones, funny ones, to give it the real life feeling. I write to make people smile. I write for the love of the truth.

I am Marlowe Pulliam.

Author Links

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