Breaking News: Collaboration with York Campbell and Welcome to Earth Stories

In the wake of our Anthology opening, our EIC received a message from York Campbell.

York Campbell is the writer, producer, and voice actor of Welcome To Earth Stories (formerly known as Poetic Earthlings), a science fiction original anthology. Since 2017, the goal of the show has been to create unique audio stories and bring written characters to life.

To achieve this, York works with talented writers and actors from Sweden, Jamaica, the UK, and all around the globe. 

Stories matter. They create bridges rather than walls. That's why York has devoted so much of his time, energy, and skills to audio engineering and script writing. With over 500 produced audio adventures, York is constantly thinking of the next great story.

Welcome to Earth Stories is bursting with Sci-Fi stories that ignite thought and York is looking for more material. 


In collaboration with Welcome to Earth Stories, those who are selected for The Start will also have a chance to have their story turned into an audio drama! 

York has done wonders with so many stories, including this introduction to Emma from the short story collection Helpless, by Tiffany Christina Lewis:

Season 1, Episode 23: Endangered Bastards

Check out Welcome to Earth Stories and submit your short story for our upcoming anthology! You have until November 15th.

Welcome to Earth Stories | York on Twitter 

Submission Information for "The Start"