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Today we'd like to introduce you to a very busy erotic author. Writing books that play in the realm of common sexual experiences is how this author creates connections with readers. With duties as a narrator and podcaster, this author is working hard to bring sexy content to readers and listeners.

Introducing Ruan Willow!

When did you start writing as a career?

I’ve written all my life but became more serious about it in 2016, writing first under my real name. Ruan Willow is a pen name I use for erotica, which I started the summer of 2019.

What's your current work in progress?

I am working on a short story for a femdom anthology plus an erotic lesbian romance age gap novella where the main characters are a nerdy dominant professor and a sexy bisexual college student. I am also working on the audiobooks for both of my novellas because I am also a voiceover narrator.

You write Erotica. What led you to write in this genre?

I love writing about sex and romance. I write sweeter romance as well so stretching that to erotica, well, that’s not really much of a stretch at all. They really go hand in hand and erotica is a natural evolution for people who enjoy writing about sexuality as well as romantic relationships.

Tell us about your book The Mardi Gras Unmasking: Fulfilling her Secret Desire.

This book grew from a personal fantasy. It’s a Dom/sub story where he gives her the ultimate fantasy she’s a bit afraid to try, but lusts for deeply.

Here’s the book blurb:

In this multiple-partner reverse harem BDSM novella, a Mardi Gras party allows the perfect setup for a new Dom to hide his plans from his wife. He orchestrates his grand scheme to fulfill her deepest lusty desires. Love transcends jealousy when Dane gives his wife Kara her secret wish by unmasking her hidden wants in a single blissful evening packed with bountiful sexual pleasure. Much to her delight, and even amidst the rules, and the spanks, the night promises to propel her to the highest sexual heights of her life. Each gratifying encounter keeps Kara blissfully happy all night as she is literally kept in the dark, moaning her way to morning.

The Dom/sub life has the couple crossing the boundaries of traditional marriage, but the way of life seems to be the right fit for them. Rich in sexual content, this story follows a loving couple exploring their sexual fantasies safely at home. Kara feels solid that Dane is the right man for her, even as they are embarking on the risky uncharted lifestyle as a dominant and a submissive in the bedroom--just one year into their marriage. The question is, will Kara enjoy the full reveal in the unmasking of the masquerade?

This book contains light BDSM.


You also co-authored a book called Inside Of Ruan Willow: A Erotic Short Between Writers. Talk to us about the process of co-authoring a title.

It was an interesting process. The book is different than my usual work because of the collaboration. It was actually an enjoyable process for me since BD Hampton and I click together very well. We just talked a lot about what to include, wrote, reviewed, and collaborated until we both agreed on what the final product was. I think it only works for those people who click very well together, otherwise I think co-writing can present a lot of challenges. But I would certainly write another book with him.

How do your books rebel against the status quo?

Both of my erotic novellas are definitely in the realm of delving into common sexual fantasies. Multiple partner sex is performed by many individuals in real life, but for many, this remains only a fantasy so my books can help satisfy those who are unable to venture into multiple sexual partners.

Talk to me about the path you chose in publishing.

Inside Ruan Willow was published by Fjord Horse Publishing, whose main focus is on erotic works. I submitted The Mardi Gras Unmasking to multiple publishers, but all rejected it because it contained too much sex for their liking, so I started my own Pink Infinity Publishing to publish it.

You also have a podcast! Tell us about Oh F*uck Yeah with Ruan Willow. 

Ah yes! The podcast! I had many followers who asked me over and over again to do a podcast because they love my voice. Finally, one day I decided to take the plunge and just do it. I talk about all things related to sexuality and relationships including reading erotica (mine and others), giving tips about sex and relationships, sex toy reviews, and also interviews of erotica authors and other erotic artists and experts. I talk about all things related to sex. I’m excited to say it’s doing quite well and is ranking in 10-12 countries across the world daily. 

You have some plans to narrate a few books, can you let us know about those projects and what is your process for narrating?

Yes. I have three erotic audiobooks live on Amazon. They are the following:

Late Night Size Club by Amber Collins, which is a book about the sexual fantasy of size changing (Macrophilia and Microphilia) about a workplace swingers' club during the afterhours. I have contracts to narrate two more books for her on this topic.

Lockdown Lust by Madison Berry is about internet sexual connections spurred on by those seeking more attention and partners brought on by the loneliness created by the pandemic.

Talia is the Younger Woman is about two older men who seduce a younger woman, and she finds herself doing sexual things she never thought she’d do.

I am also working on a nonfiction Relationships and Sexual Positions book.

The Quiet Chick will be coming out soon, written by BD Hampton about a sexual journey of two young girls who meet and go home with a man. They find themselves at odds once two of the threesome click and take some steps towards a relationship.

I also have plans to do Inside Ruan Willow, Passion to Seduce, and I Worship Cock (which we have plans for me co-narrating with the amazing porn star Leilani Lei).

Plus, I’m also working on narrating my own The Mardi Gras Unmasking.

First, I read the piece out loud so that I have the proper inflection in my voice to match the story. This way I’m not surprised by what happens and I avoid saying things the wrong way. My process for narrating is to record in my new sound room (which is an under the stairs closet lined with foam panels). After the initial recording is the editing out of double lines and mistakes, then processing to produce the audio file with special software, and then uploading the files to ACX for their evaluation. Once it clears their standards, it appears on Amazon Audible as an audiobook. Then I help with book promotion by posting the audiobooks to social media.

Marketing for Erotic authors seems to always be complicated with some sites refusing to allow adverts with erotic images. Can you share one good marketing tip for erotic authors?

Yes. There are definitely restrictions for erotic images on many sites. I’d say the best way to go about using erotic images is to keep it PG13. Often the hint of something sexy is just as sexy, if not more sexy, seductive, and alluring than actually nudity. The imagination gets to play on the image if it’s not fully explicit and that’s a good thing. Inciting people to use their imaginations is what writing is all about, so a good image that isn’t too revealing can do the same thing. Making trailers, audios, or videos about the book are also great ways for book promotion even in the genre of erotica.

What are you reading currently?

I’m currently reading the books in the erotic Turn Up the Heat Reader Challenge on Twitter. My group of erotica writers is running a reader challenge in the month of May (2021) where readers can read, review, and get entered for a chance to win free sex toys and free erotica by participating in the reading challenge. All the books are $2.00 or under.

What can readers expect from you in the future?

Well, I have so many books planned and so many podcast episode ideas! I will keep plugging away and hope to publish more stories that fulfill and celebrate common sexual fantasies such as threesomes, multiple partner sexual encounters, light BDSM, bisexual/lesbian stories, and everyday erotic situations that involve male and female lovers too.

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