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Hello Readers and Writers!

Today we want to introduce you to an erotic author with a whopping 23 books to her name! Remember the old Penthouse Forum letters? This author was inspired by those steamy letters and has gone on to work hard to master writing that gives readers what they want.

Introducing J.A. Martin!

RL: When did you start writing as a career?

JAM: I started writing to publish last June.   

RL: What's your current work in progress?

JAM: My current work is an erotic romance titled Surrender the Booty.  This will be a novelette and will be substantially longer than my other stories.  
RL: You write Erotic. What lead you to that genre? 

JAM: Remember the old Penthouse Forum letters?  People would write in about all their steamy encounters.  Penthouse Forum is no longer published, but I decided to try my hand at writing sexy stories, some of which are from my own past experience and some of which are pure fiction. 
RL: How do your books rebel against the status quo in your genre?

JAM: Erotic fiction runs the gamut between Femdom, to Alpha Male to BDSM, and other kinks and sub-kinks.  I keep my stories about the dynamic and situation at hand, generally billing myself as Sexual Fantasy Erotica.  My books tend to have a strong lusty female protagonist that feels comfortable going with the flow in erotic situations, allowing herself to feel the pleasure in the moment with whatever she is doing, everything is her choice.

RL: Do you have any plans to write outside of your current genre?

JAM: My current WIP, Surrender the Booty, is an erotic romance set in the mid-1800s about a young noblewoman who falls in love with a pirate to rebel against her father and thwart his attempt to marry her off young.  

RL: How do you beat writer's block?

JAM: Writers' block tends to happen to me when I try to force the story in a particular direction.  I step back, read the story as a reader would, and think about what I would rather have happen than what is currently there.  If that doesn't work, I usually have more than one story going at one time.  Sometimes when I take a step back and go write something else, I will get an idea of what did not work with the first story, and I can go back to it later.

RL: Your first book released in 2019. How has your writing grown since then?

JAM: I have a better idea of what works now, more of what readers want.  Back when I first started, I really had no idea what kinks were most popular or what people were really looking for in the way of erotic fantasy.  I also tap into what turns me on personally, so there are different kinks and sub-kinks that I tend to throw into my stories for added heat and authenticity.  Spanking, threesomes, bisexuality, as I am bisexual and have those erotic experiences to draw on. 


RL: How have you been able to release over 20 books in less than three years?

JAM: Most of my stories are 5-8K words, so about 12-15 pages.  In my first three or four months, I released two a week or every ten days.  I only slowed down recently as I started to write longer stories with more complex plot lines.  

RL: Do you believe that readers are interested in strong plots in erotic books?

JAM: I think some are yes, but when we talk about short story erotica, there is a small space to build characters, create the dynamic, build tension, and have 2-4 erotic scenes per story.  The key is for the dynamic, and the tension to be described just enough for the reader to feel as though he or she is right there in the middle of it all.   Leave something to the imagination

RL: Talk to me about the path you choose in publishing.

JAM: I publish only in Amazon KDP.  This may change in the future but I like how easy it is to publish in Amazon.  Also, Publishing only on Amazon allows all of my stories to be eligible for Kindle Unlimited lending library, which for a lot of people, is a less expensive way to read as much as they want. My new stories starting this summer will be available on paperback as well as Kindle. 
RL: Where do you see your writing career going in the future?

JAM: I would like to write more erotic romance, rather than kink.  My plans currently are to write stand-alone stories and longer erotic romance books, mostly to be able to release my books in paperback. This is something I can't do with my stories now unless I bundle them together.   

RL: What are you reading now?

JAM: Alexa Sommers has an amazing series called Level Up, about a group of friends who are gamer nerds, studying Game Theory in college. I have read the first three so far, and am in the middle of book 4.   I really like the characters, the erotic scenes between them as they learn what they like and what they are into, college is the perfect place for sexual experimentation. She really hit on something here.  

RL: What are your hobbies?

JAM: I'm a history buff so a lot of historical documentaries about ancient civilizations.  I am also into sharks, so I check the Ocearch Global Shark Tracker at least once a day, Martial arts, and spy movies.   
RL: What can readers expect from you in the future?

JAM: Stories about regular people discovering their sexual wants, what really does it for them. I don't write about billionaires or vampires, although the stories I have read about them are very hot.  I tend to stay in my lane, and sexual fantasy erotica is a very wide lane. 

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