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Today we would like to introduce you to a spunky LesFic author who is also a YouTuber with a talent for narration that totally sucked us in! Her books have received favorable reviews in a very short time. From first loves to a cheerleaders deception, her titles cover romance in an exhilarating way!

Introducing Evelyn Dar!

RL: When did you start writing as a career?

ED: November 31, 2017. I know that’s super specific, but it was the day I resigned from my well-paying sales job to write the great American novel. Had I ever written a novel before? Of course not, but where’s the fun in that? 

I started my writing career on a wing and a prayer and somehow, I’m still holding on. And praying. A lot. lol.

RL: What’s your current work in progress?

ED: I’m actually writing a book about a writer. I think I read somewhere every writer is required to write at least one book about a writer or the craft of writing. Unless you’re Stephen King. Then it’s more like ten. But I’m not Stephen King, so this will probably be my first and last.

RL: You write lesbian fiction. What led you to write in that genre?

ED: Well, I’m a lesbian, so there’s that lol. Also, the genre isn’t completely saturated yet, so it’s possible to write a couple of decent books and make some waves (or in my case, ripples). I also craved wlw romances when I was younger, so I think a part of me wanted to give back to the community.

RL: How do your books rebel against the status quo in your genre?

ED: I don’t actually intend to rebel against the status quo, but my books are an acquired taste within my genre and by definition, I think they just do. I’m not a soft, sweet, light-hearted writer and my books reflect that. I like to write curse words and characters with unhealed trauma that go through ridiculous situations that would never happen to anyone ever. 

I write to keep myself writing and the only way I know how is to write what interests me and what interests me are layers upon layers and stories within stories, and the stories underneath those stories.



RL: Talk to me about the path you choose in publishing.

ED: I chose self-publishing because I honestly didn’t think there was another viable path to publication for a college dropout with no qualifications. I’m also afflicted by the ‘millennial entrepreneurial hustle’ disease most of us born between 1981-1996 suffer from. If you don’t have a side hustle can you even call yourself a millennial?

RL: Your first book came out just two years ago and now you have four! How has the experience of releasing books changed for you each year?

ED: I don’t have kids, but I’ve heard people say, ‘the rearing of every child is different.’ There’s no answer key that works for every test. Sure, maybe there are a couple of big, overarching systems you can depend on, but the small, nitty gritty stuff is like night and day. That’s what writing books feels like to me. I know I can do it, because I’ve done it before, but whenever I get to the end, I’m always pleasantly surprised. 

RL: How do you plan for a book release?

ED: Poorly, lol. I lack basic time management skills, so I’m usually working on my book up until the last minute and anything that comes next is me winging it and imitating the better selling writers in my genre. 

RL: You are also a YouTuber! Your videos are very professional and well made. Tell me about your YouTube channel.

ED: Thank you for saying so! The YouTube channel was actually a happy accident. 

Story time! So last year there was this influencer/artist who came across my radar and for whatever reason I really wanted to know her. She was doing awesome things that I admired, and I was intrigued, but I couldn’t just ask her to be my friend. I was an Internet stranger. So, like a completely normal person, I created a YouTube channel for the sole purpose of getting her attention. I won’t go into detail, but it worked and as a byproduct, I realized I actually loved making videos and the rest is history.

RL: What can readers expect from you in the future?

ED: More books that hopefully come out faster lol. 

RL: How do you manage writing time? Is finding writing time an issue for you?

ED: Because I write full time, finding time really isn’t an issue, but compared to other indie writers, I feel like I’m a slow writer. I’m in awe of writers who release books every three months if not sooner, especially those with day jobs. They make me feel like an unproductive hack who writes at a snail’s pace. 

RL: What are you reading right now?

ED: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

RL: Where do you see your writing career going in the future?

ED: My ultimate end goal has always been to see my words on the screen. The big screen, the small screen, the silver screen, any screen, lol but I’m extremely fortunate to write for a living and if I can continue doing so, I’ll be happy and grateful no matter what.

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