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We are so happy to have one of our favorite authors back for another interview! We talked to Chase back in May and he has been incredibly busy since then! Read on to find out what Chase has been up to!

Welcome back! Let's get right into it! Your new release, A Straight Line is co-authored with J.D. Wade. How was it to work with another author after releasing so many books alone?

Well, when we weren’t procrastinating by playing Words with Friends (which I always lost), it was actually a lot of fun to share ideas, build on each other’s ideas, compromise when necessary, and brainstorm. At first, I was unsure if my personal writing process was conducive to co-authoring a novel. I’m the type to sequester myself with my laptop and not discuss much of anything until I’m well into the book or even done with the first draft. However, J.D. and I got along really well and we had a lot of fun creating characters together. Even if no one buys a copy, it was an experience I’ll always be grateful I had. We’ve already kicked around other ideas in Zoom calls, so maybe there’ll be something we’ll co-author together in the future.

Between Enzo and the Universe is coming out as an Audiobook! Tell us about the process of getting that audiobook made.

It was much different than producing the audiobook for A SURPLUS OF LIGHT. The North American rights were acquired by Tantor Media. My imprint, The Lion Fish Press, negotiated with them and dealt with the contracts, so I wasn’t as involved in the process as much as I had been with ASoL. However, they allowed me to select the narrator I wanted for ENZO and gave us approval over certain aspects (such as cover design), so I was involved in those things. I was overjoyed to have Brian Lore Evans (who narrated ASoL) return to narrate ENZO. I adore his voice and narration skills and he’s an absolute joy to work with. He’s thoughtful of the work and interprets it exactly as I imagined it in my head with very little direction. If his career doesn’t shoot into the stratosphere soon, I am going to talk to whoever is in charge of these things.

Do you have any plans to release another audiobook soon?

As of right now, we do not. We’re working on getting select books into other languages besides English. ENZO and ASoL are currently in Spanish (Entrez Enzo y el Universo and Un Excedente de Luz) I have a lot of projects in various stages of completion. NaNoWriMo is coming up (which I’m participating in). Plus, the holidays are coming soon. Maybe 2021 or 2022 will see us producing another audiobook?

Tell us about Jacob Michaels Is... The Omnibus Edition.

Absolutely! It’s a collection of all 6 books from the JACOB MICHAELS IS… series, as well as the short story, CARNAVAL, all in one chonky tome. Seriously. The thing is a doorstop. Dean Cole, who designed all of the covers for the series, designed a new cover for the omnibus—and it’s absolutely stunning. He’s another creative that I am so blessed to have met and worked with—and another person who deserves all of the success in the world. JMI is a M/M paranormal romance series about an A-List celebrity returning home to the fictional town of Point Worth, Ohio after having run away to chase fame and glory when he was 16-years-old. Once he gets back home to stay with his foul-mouthed Oma, he starts to realize things aren’t quite as he remembered…if he can trust his memory at all. It has paranormal creatures, witches, werewolves, spiciness, humor, and a twist ending that you’ll either love or hate. The omnibus came out on September 18th, and can be purchased in ebook, paperback, or hardback formats.

As an aside – Jacob and the rest will return in 2021 with MURDER AT THE RED ROOSTER TAVERN. So, keep your eyes peeled for that!

It's been almost a year since you signed with The Lion Fish Press. How has your experience been with them this year?

It has been really great. I don’t even feel like I’m with an imprint. It’s more like a family. I really feel like I’m respected and seen as a real writer, but I have the support I didn’t have when I was a full-fledged indie writer. If I’m struggling, there’s always someone to hold my hand and help me out, but they mostly leave me alone when I’m trying to create. They can be firm at times, but always in a way that pushes me as a creative. Also, I feel that the most important thing to them is developing their writers and producing the best stories they can. I love the way they take input from their writers. It really is about the craft of writing and the joy of reading for them.

What advice would you offer an author who is weighing their options on publishing?

No matter what, you can always be a writer, even if you never publish. Publishing just makes you an “author.” I would say that there’s no right or wrong path as far as self-published, indie imprints, or traditional publishers goes, so get that out of your head. Decide your worth, what your goals are, what you’re capable of committing to, and then find the path that works with those decisions. Whichever path you choose that’s right for you is the right path regardless of what anyone says. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whether or not you’re proud of what you’ve done and if it brings joy to your life. Don’t turn something that feeds your soul into something that crushes it.

What are you reading right now?

Nothing at the moment. I had to put reading aside for a bit. However, soon I’ll be jumping into my mile-high TBR pile. I recently got GROWN by Tiffany D. Jackson, so I’ll want to dig into it soon. Dylan James’ new book DRAG QUEENS, EMO TEENS & BIG DREAMS comes out on September 29th and he’s always an auto-buy/read for me. I need to finish CORNFLAKES by Christiane Tann—I’ve been enjoying it so far. I want to read more of the indies on my Kindle as well as read the stack of books on my bedside table. There’s always a stack there…

What can readers expect from you in the future?

The JMI Omnibus came out on the 18th, the ENZO audiobook comes out on the 29th…and then nothing more this year, except for four short stories I contributed to The Lion Fish Press Christmas short story collection, MAGIS AND MANIACS, which comes out December 1st, 2020. There will definitely be more YA, NA, paranormal romance, Lit Fic, MG Fantasy, and other books from me in 2021 and beyond. I’m also developing my screenwriting skills…so, we’ll see?


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